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No, we don't provide our account holder's information to any third-party organization.

FDR Plan means "Fixed deposit plan". You can choose among the different plans that are most suitable for you

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Our Services

We make your life comfortable with our services.

Fast Transfer

Our bitcoin transfer system is easy and secure. Send your bitcoins to your beneficiaries within Viubank or just withdraw them to your very own wallet

Deposit Funds

Account-holders of Viubank are able to deposit their bitcoins through our crypto deposit system.

Withdraw Funds

Viubank account holders can withdraw bitcoins from their accounts. Every withdrawal is completed without personal verification, so you can trust Viubank.

We provide bitcoin saving plans with fixed returns

A fully functional bitcoin banking account with the security you can count on. Get easy access to revolutionary bitcoin yield opportunities for a financially secure future with fixed regular returns.

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