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Build Wealth Automatically With Fixed Returns

Earn the industry’s highest interest rates on major fixed deposit receipts. You can start your deposit with cryptocurrencies

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Fixed Deposit Scheme

Fixed Deposit Receipts let you fully automate your deposit returns on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis.


365 Day Plan

1%/ 1 Days
  • Lock in Period 365 Days
  • Get Profit Every 1 Days
  • Profit Rate 1%
  • Minimum BTC0.00100000
  • Maximum BTC1.00000000

180 Day Plan

21%/ 30 Days
  • Lock in Period 180 Days
  • Get Profit Every 30 Days
  • Profit Rate 21%
  • Minimum BTC0.00100000
  • Maximum BTC1.00000000

90 Day Plan

18%/ 30 Days
  • Lock in Period 90 Days
  • Get Profit Every 30 Days
  • Profit Rate 18%
  • Minimum BTC0.00100000
  • Maximum BTC1.00000000
How it works

It's easy to join with Us


Open an account

To be an account holder you have to open an account first.



After registration, you need to verify your email and mobile number.



Deposit some funds before applying on any FDR (Fixed Deposit Receipt) plans.


Get returns

Now you can get any returns of our plans you chosen as account-holder

Stress-free and simple

Grow your money in small amounts by fixed deposit receipts regularly, rather than waiting around or timing for the market.

More time for you

Using the cost-averaging effect means you spend less time thinking about when to invest.

$10 to get started

Create a Fixed Deposit Receipt with as little as $10 and get returns.

Fully flexible

Create a weekly, or monthly Savings plan in USD through Ether, Bitcoin, or different coins with a fully customizable feature.

About Us

Manage your assets and get fixed returns

Security matters

The Viu account is designed with security as a priority. Authorization with email and SMS secure puts safety in the front seat.

Bank License in Vanuatu

Official banking license with our partner in Vanuatu where crypto regulation is friendly and state standards are high.

Up to $500.000 protected

Our partner, EGL Bank hosts the bank accounts. Dollar deposits up to €500,000 are secured.

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Our Services

We make your life comfortable with our services.

Fast Transfer

Our Money transfer system is secure and easy. Send your funds to your beneficiaries within ViuBank or to other banks. Transfer within ViuBank is instant and to other banks may take 24-48 hours.

Deposit Funds

Account-holders of ViuBank are able to deposit their money through our crypto payment system.

Withdraw Funds

Account-holders of ViuBank are able to withdraw money from their account. Without verification, any withdrawal won't be completed, so you can trust ViuBank.

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New to investing?

Passive income without the fuss.

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Interest rates to be proud of

Interest officially made a comeback. Our Banking License with ELG Bank gives access to crypto markets with rates that give you more than any other bank account.

Interest is back

Thought high-interest rates were a thing of the past? Think again. Say hello to the USD Interest Account. Put your coins to work and grow up to 1% interest per day without breaking a sweat.

We provide our banking services with fixed returns

A fully-featured bank account with the security you can rely on. Gain easy access to revolutionary deposit opportunities for a financially safe future with fixed returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compilation of information on particularly frequently asked questions, frequently occurring problems

Yes, we don't take any fees for opening bank accounts.

Yes, you can send money from ViuBank to other banks.

Get the registration form by clicking on the Sing Up button on the top bar. Provide all information and click on the Sign Up button.

No, we don't provide our account holder's information to any third-party organization.

We have several FDR plans. Choose the best plan suitable for you and just click on the "Apply Now" button and put the amount.

FDR means "Fixed Deposit Receipt" It means you can open a plan with us and earn fixed interest

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